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We are so exited to announce our WILD AND WONDERFUL workshop in Zion National Park. 

As professional photographers, we LOVE community over competition and our hope for the retreat is that you will learn and grow as a portrait photographer, you will make new friends while building a community and you will rest, relax and enjoy some peaceful time in one of the most beautiful places in the world, ZION NATIONAL Park. 

Are you passionate about photography and in the process of starting your own company? Interested in learning more about how to make your passion profitable?  This workshop is for you!  We often use photography as a creative outlet, and if you know the saying "find something you love and you'll never have to work a day in your life," then you're in the right place.  THAT'S what we are trying to help you with; we want to help harness that passion for photography into a successful, profitable business. 

This workshop is for ALL LEVELS of photographers yet geared towards newer business owners. We will review the basics of digital photography such as: how to shoot manual, composition,  lighting techniques, posing, editing, capturing authentic moments in a variety of shooting environments.  

We also plan to review the most helpful tools for your business such as: Gallery delivery Pixieset, Lightroom workflow, customer management software such as Honeybook. 


We will have two different styled shoots where we will learn and practice the above skills. The goal with these 


Date: March of 2018, specific dates TBA-







I'm a minimalist, adventure seeker & traveling wedding photographer currently living in the small mountain town of Flagstaff, Arizona. I spend most of my time outdoors: often finding a ledge I can hang my feet off of or a place to pitch my tent to wake up with an epic view. I'm driven by new experiences; inspired by people, and capturing their love stories. 














Hailey Golich    


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What awakens me?

giving, receiving, sharing in LOVE.

Experiencing deep, real and raw emotions.

Knowing and being known. Seeing and being seen.

Sitting by a campfire looking up at the moon and stars.


Running in a open field (or literally anywhere) with a dog.

Hearing my nieces and nephews belly laugh.  

I love capturing those sweet in between moments that make up all the parts of a love story, a growing family and exploring during adventures, in a way that will make peoples heart swell every time you look back on your time together in Zion.