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will travel the world to capture a true love story.

When you invest in wedding photography, you’re getting far more than an photo album. You’re capturing your love story, you are investing in reliving those most special moments: seeing the bride in her gown for the first time; the father slow dancing with his daughter; the missed moments of your friends and family celebrating your love. The life you’ve shared - and the life that you are just beginning - radiate out from these precious memories.

I would love to start of this friendship by getting to know each other through a cup of coffee, hike or FaceTime. This will help me create the setting for your love story so you can be your most natural self. No stiff poses, I promise. Ultimately, I want to be your friend and put you at ease so we can hang out and have a fantastic time when you get married. I've been known to be a calming presence and jack of all trades while you are getting ready. I always pack my light-hearted spirit, optimisim and passion for creating something memorable and beautiful, a work of art, just for you.

The packages you see listed here are our most commonly requested services and options. I realize that y’all are making a million decisions for your big day…I want to make it as simple as possible.

But if a package listed here isn’t perfect for you, we will be happy to work with you to create a custom wedding photography package with a collection of services and products that exactly suits your needs for your wedding day.



-6 hr of wedding day coverage
-Optional first Look 
-Formal session- just you two 
Unlimited downloads and personal -printing rights
-Online galleries 



-10 hr wedding day coverage
- Optional first Look 
-Formal session- just you two 
Unlimited downloads and personal printing rights
-Online galleries 
-Second shooter 



-Extensive wedding day coverage
-Optional first Look 
-Formal session- just you two 
-Unlimited downloads and personal printing rights
-Online galleries 
-Second shooter 

**optional day-before or day-after adventure session


Custom Add-Ons

*Additional hours -$200/ Hour

* Add a photographer - $400

*Up to 2 Hour Rehearsal Dinner $200

*Bridal session/Trash the dress - $400

*Wedding Album (Inquire)

So,What's Next?

A little bit about our process and what you can expect.

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First step, read over the pricing & information. From there, we can set up a time to get together for coffee, or FaceTime for all of my out of town inquires. We'll get to know each other, make sure we're the right fit for your wedding day, and go over all the details. We only take on a limited number of weddings each year, and dates are typically reserved 8-16 months before the wedding date (with less availability for shorter notice). 

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When you're ready to secure your date with us, we'll send you an online link where you can make a %50 retainer and sign your contract. We keep the booking process super simple and straightforward via our online client management system, so your official records & documents are always in one safe place. After you're booked, it's time to celebrate one huge check off your wedding planning list!

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All of our clients receive one-on-one communication leading up to the wedding day, assistance planning the wedding day photography timeline, and lots of helpful information and guidance to ensure the wedding day runs efficiently and stress-free. As your date gets closer, we'll get together for coffee or over FaceTime again to finalize important details like your timeline, optional First Look and family photos. I will provide a checklist for you to review so I know what is most important to you and you can feel certain I won’t miss the moments most important to you.




After the wedding, all wedding images are carefully selected and fully edited to be consistent with our branded style throughout the wedding day. We will be just anxious as you are to see all of the final images so we will be delivering up to 5 sneak peaks within a couple off days. The full online gallery is delivered 4-5 weeks after the wedding date.



Getting married outside southern Utah but want me to photograph your wedding? I'll start packing my bags!!

I have been lucky enough to shoot in a few of my favorites places in the world. I LOVE to travel for love stories and would be over the moon to follow you anywhere you wish to get married!! Since we are often asked about our prices, timelines etc. we have compiled the most frequently asked questions here for you. We hope you find the answers helpful. If you need more specific info, please feel free to contact us via the contact form. 

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What are Destination Wedding Photography Fees and Prices? .... >

Our destination wedding photography packages are the same as our regular wedding photography packages. The only additional costs that our clients would be responsible for are as follows:

  1. Airfare\ Baggage fees
  2. Hotel accommodations (typically 2 nights but dependent on the length of the event.)
  3. Rental car (typically 3 days, depending on the length of the event.)
  4. Vendor meals for the day of the event(s)

**I am open to talking about staying in group accommodations as well as being picked up from the airport rather than the extra cost of hotels and cars (if we can make it make sense for both parties.)

**Travel cost are usually around $1000.

How many people do we need to fly out?....>

If you choose a package which includes a second shooter, depending on your preference, we can fly out someone that I know and work with here in my town, which will include all mentioned cost for that individual, or I can choose a professional photographer in your area. (I will be responsible for all communication and payment for this second shooter.) I have various methods of finding a solid second shooter. Most recommendations come from a professional photography community called honeybook, which is a group desinged specfically for this reason, amoung others. I am confident in this service as I have used it many times.

**In addition, we would like to depart for the destination a day in advance. The reason for this is that we would like to have plenty of time to scout out your wedding venue as well as ensure that we will be on time to the location on the day of your wedding. As for the departing flight, we typically have the tickets booked for the day after your last event, preferably at a later time.

Do I need to book the flights for you? ....>

In my experience it's always easier on you if I take care of these details. I am a long time traveler, and respect searching for the best deals, I would never choose the most expensive flight or first class on your dime. I am happy to share the cost before booking. You would simply reimburse me.

Do you offer discounted packages for destination weddings? .... >

Due to the amount of work and planning, we do not offer discounts for our destination weddings so the prices would be the same as our regular packages with the additional travel/lodging costs.

Where else have you shot a wedding or engagement session?.... >

We've followed our clients to New Orleans Louisiana, Savannah Georgia, Seward Alaska, Pensacola Florida, and all over Southern Utah.


We get this question a lot and we strongly encourage a first look for many reasons... first: it gives you both a chance to privately see and celebrate each other, and get over your nerves a bit before the ceremony. Being able to captured that reaction without the pressure of lots of people watching is pretty special. And it will still be special at the ceremony too. Second: it gives you time to do some portraits and family photos before the ceremony which gives you more time later to relax and enjoy cocktail hour and the reception. We can talk you through the process, find a great spot for you to have the first look and work with you on a timeline. If you don't want to do one that's totally fine too, I understrand tradtion and will come up with a timeline that works regrdless.


We hear this from a lot of couples that we work with and we totally understand! We definitely encourage an engagement shoot if you'd like to get a little practice before the wedding day and feel more comfortable with us around with our cameras. Some couples we work with love the more posed photos and that's fine, but if you're not comfortable we just try to get you to act like you and capture that. We do that by sking you questions and having you just play around, run, dance, sway, make eachother laugh by making pig noises :) Most people warm up very quickly and have a lot more fun than they thought they would. And on the wedding day for most of the day you're so distracted you won't even know we're there!

We love what we see on the site, but we do not see family or group photos, do you take them?.... >

We take tons of Family and/or group photos, we just choose to show more of the intimate photos on the site. In general any photo request can be taken at any time. One important part of the process is to have you fill out a checklist (that I provide) which will help me know what is important for me to cover. Don't worry, I am happy to take request during the day if you forget to check it on the list. All you have to do is ask before or during the wedding. I will also accomadte any guest request as long as it is not taking me away from y'all.

Is it possible to have the RAW files??.... >

No, it is not possible. We consider the post production work as part of our photography language and style and a RAW file does not represent our finished work.

Can we print images on our own?..... >

Of course! We will provide you with files ready for digital prints.

When will the wedding photos be delievered?....>

The final, edited images will be delivered about 6 weeks after the date of your wedding or 2-3 weeks for couples and engagement sessions.

Should we do an unplugged ceremony?....>

Yes, yes, yes! An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to please put away their cell phones (iPads, cameras, etc) during the ceremony and refrain from taking photos during that time. It's ok, they will survive without their devices for awhile ;) This is a great thing to do because it puts the focus on you, your ceremony and the vows that you're taking -- where the focus SHOULD be. We have seen way too many ceremonies where most people are too busy taking photos or looking down at their phones and not present with you during this time. They are welcome to take photos the rest of the day but it's so much better when the photos we get are of everyone actually paying attention to you and not holding their cell phone up to take photos. :) There are lots of inspiration signs and wording for programs on Pinterest to relay your message to your guests (we've found that a sign and having the officiant make an announcement work best) and reassure them that you will share our photos with them and we've got it all covered. The gallery link that we send you is shareable and all guest can download and or print directly from that link.

Booking Details...... >

In order to guarantee booking, couples must provide retainer (50% of package price) at time of contract signing. This will guarantee Wild Within Us photographing your event. We

The remaining 50% of booking is due one month before event date.

Cancelation Policy..... >

If you decide to cancel services with Wild within Us for what ever reason, our photography retainer is non-refundable. Once booking is paid in full (30 days prior to event) if event is canceled for what ever reason, refund of remaining 50% of package will be at the discretion of Wild Within Us. 50% retainer will be non-refundable. Don't worry, I have a huge heart and aim to show empathy and grace towards humans. We will work something out that is fair for everyone.

Rescheduling of event date ...... >**

If for what ever reason your event date needs to be rescheduled, we will do everything in our power to work with your new date at no extra charge. If new date conflicts with date already booked with Wild Within Us, we apologize for the inconvenience but must honor bookings on a first come, first serve basis. If we are unable to re-book your event, due to conflict, retainer is non-refundable.


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Traveling is what awakened my love for photography. It's my dream to capture love all over the world. I am passport ready to follow you to the ends of the Earth (Lord Huron song.)  

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