So,What's Next?

A little bit about our process and what you can expect.


After you shoot us an email saying hello, we'll send you over our pricing & information. From there, we can set up a time to FaceTime or get together for coffee. We'll get to know each other, make sure we're the right fit for your wedding day, and go over all the details. We only take on a limited number of weddings each year, and dates are typically reserved 8-16 months before the wedding date (with less availability for shorter notice). 


When you're ready to secure your date with us, we'll send you an online link where you can make a 25% deposit and sign your contract. We keep the booking process super simple and straightforward via our online client management system, so your official records & documents are always in one safe place. After you're booked, it's time to celebrate one huge check off your wedding planning list!


All of our clients receive one-on-one communication leading up to the wedding day, assistance planning the wedding day photography timeline, and lots of helpful information and guidance to ensure the wedding day runs efficiently and stress-free. As your date gets closer, we'll get together for coffee or over FaceTime again to finalize important details like your timeline and family photos.


After the wedding, all wedding images are carefully selected and fully edited to be consistent with our branded style throughout the wedding day. The USB and online gallery are delivered 6-8 after the wedding date, and we can assist with printing and framing, designing gallery walls, and creating custom fine art heirloom wedding albums. We also loved staying involved in your life for all the years to come! 

Here’s what you should expect from our standard photo edit that comes with your Collection:

  • adjustments to exposure, sharpness, contrast, and highlights;

  • cropping for beautiful composition;

  • horizontal and vertical rotation to ensure elements such as the Eiffel Tower and horizons look perfect;

  • color, vibrancy, and saturation enhancements;

  • skin smoothing (optional);

  • beautification (thinning) of arms, legs, body, and chin (optional);

  • removal of blemishes, scars, moles, or possibly even stains from your outfits;

  • removal of distracting elements (other people, trash and structures) whenever easily possibleand desirable.

Here’s what is not included in a standard edit, but which you may request for an additional fee:

  • black & white versions of your photos;

  • adding a more flattering sky or otherwise fundamentally altering the integrity of the original image (depends on the image);

  • removing wallets, phones, or anything from your pockets;

  • smoothing wrinkles in your outfits, including shirts, gowns, pants, …;

  • clone a body part, eyes, etc. from a similar photo to a different photo.

Where can I leave my review?

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a heartfelt review—it means a lot to us and, importantly, helps prospective couples make an even more informed decision. Think of yourself as their “inner voice” and provide as much detail as possible.

Here are a few links to read up on what other happy couples have to say about us … or to leave a review yourself:


I want you to feel something when you look at your photos, to tell your love story through light, passion, emotion and maybe even tears.

If you are a wandering soul, that would rather skip the big day and elope, then I'm your gal! Would you rather be outdoors than inside? Does your spirit crave the wild, less traveled places? Do you consider yourselves passionate, free spirits? If that sounds like you, then we are going to make fast friends. If you have been searching for a photographer that sees the world with a unique perspective and is adventurous then I'm your gal. Let's get lost in the woods, climb that mountain, wander through the green gardens and chase the sun together. I want to document your love story. You won't even know I'm there in your most intimate moments and not miss the gut wrenching belly laughs that make you cry. Destination wedding, elopement and intimate wedding photographer.

If this sounds up your alley, let's get to know one another by sharing a cup of coffee, tea or your favorite meal. I enjoy spending time with you and hearing what makes you tick and get out of bed in the morning. Finding those common threads will help me create the setting for your love story so you can be your most natural self. No stiff poses, I promise. Ultimately, I want to be your friend and put you at ease so we can hang out and have a fantastic time when you get married. I've been known to be a calming presence and jack of all trades while you are getting ready. I always pack my light-hearted spirit, optimisim and passion for creating something memorable and beautiful, a work of art, just for you.

Hello lovers.  I am happy you found this tree in the forest.  Rooted in nature with the sea in my eyes, let’s create magic and a piece of art just for you.  I adore intimate and destination weddings, elopements and creating portraits for you or your business. I am based in Connecticut, willing to travel the world for love and wild hearts. Like a tree, I am branching out, continuously growing and reaching for the sun, moon and stars. This is a  place where him, her and lovers create beauty in the world. Let love grow.

A traveler at heart

Having both a passion for traveling off the beaten path and for couples in love, makes for a beautiful combination. I not only serve Wisconsin as a wedding and portrait photographer, but Wisconsin and anywhere beyond. No place is too far for these feet to travel to.

A few places across the map that I’ve been to have been Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Ireland, Iceland, Mexico, Costa Rica, and much more. In fact, I often travel to Thailand to photograph adventure sessions and weddings!

I’ve caught the travel bug, and I don’t ever want to stop! I have several countries that I’d love to see, and am offering discounted wedding packages to those who are planning to elope there!

  • Santorini, Greece

  • Amalfi Coast, Italy

  • Morocco

  • Patagonia, Chile

  • Montenegro

  • Cuba

  • Germany

  • Cape Town, South Africa

  • Isle of the Skye, Scotland

  • Hallstatt, Austria

I strongly believe that one of the best ways to get to know someone is by taking a moment to listen to their musical tastes. Here are some of my favorites, and what often inspires my work. Give it a listen and (hopefully) enjoy!

My approach to photography is genuine, playful, with gentle direction. I do my best to capture moments as they happen, rather than setting the scene. I want to preserve the memories of you and your loved one as who you are, and in your element. I have found that happens best when I take a step back from directing, and let you be yourselves.

My editing style is vibrant, warm, and natural. Entirely like my shooting approach, I want my editing to remain as accurate as possible to what the passing moment had been.

I strive to capture your wedding day as the beautiful love story that it is. Our relationship begins from the very first conversation we have – sharing visions and dreams of your big day, to the engagement session, and continues on to the most important day of your life, the wedding day. From the beginning, to the end, and all the fun in-between – I will be there capturing every moment along the way.

I take on a limited number of weddings each year to give each client an incredible and personable experience. Knowing your wedding day is so momentous, I make it a point to work closely alongside you during the planning process, providing professional advice along the way.


 I love to travel, meet new people, explore new places, and have new adventures. If you're having your intimate wedding in one of the following places, I will shoot your wedding for only travel/lodging costs for me and my assistant. 





*Don't see your destination here? Message me for more details! 


Must be ready to have fun. 


We know there are lots of wedding photographers out there and choosing one can be an overwhelming process. You should look carefully at their portfolio -- look at a full wedding gallery of theirs and fall in love with the style, first and foremost. Do the photos move you? Beyond that it is so important to find photographers that you connect and feel comfortable with, because it's an intimate day filled with emotions that we'll be there for. 

Our goal is to deliver images that evoke the same emotions when you look at them as you felt on the wedding day. Our photos have a bit of a film feel without being overdone so they'll still look classic and beautiful 50 years from now.

Over the years many of our clients have also become friends, returning to us year after year for family photos which are relationships that we really value. Our laid back approach helps people feel comfortable around us, which is important on such an intimate day, and we try to embed ourselves in the day while also remaining unobtrusive and invisible as much as possible. We love all the raw, emotional moments of the day and the in-between moments and little details that might otherwise go unnoticed. We are inspired by the beauty of nature in Maine and New England.


We hear this from a lot of couples that we work with and we totally understand! We definitely encourage an engagement shoot if you'd like to get a little practice before the wedding day and feel more comfortable with us around with our cameras. Our style is to put you in beautiful spots or light and then help you relax and get natural, candid moments captured. Some couples we work with love the more posed photos and that's fine, but if you're not comfortable we just try to get you to act like you and capture that. Most people warm up very quickly and have a lot more fun than they thought they would. And on the wedding day for most of the day you're so distracted you won't even know we're there!


We have an awesome network of professionals we've worked with over the years which include wedding planners, florists, stylists, caterers, bands/djs and lots more. Once you have booked us for your wedding we are happy to send you our document filled with resources and references! 


We get this question a lot and we strongly encourage a first look for many reasons... first: it gives you both a chance to privately see each other and get over your nerves a bit before the ceremony and getting that reaction captured without the pressure of lots of people watching is pretty special. And it will still be special at the ceremony too. Second: it gives you time to do some portraits and family photos before the ceremony which gives you more time later to relax and enjoy cocktail hour and the reception. We can talk you through the process, find a great spot for you to have the first look and work with you on a timeline. If you don't want to do one that's totally fine too, but there are definitely lots of benefits to doing one!


Yes, yes, yes! An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to please put away their cell phones (iPads, cameras, etc) during the ceremony and refrain from taking photos during that time. It's ok, they will survive without their devices for awhile ;) This is a great thing to do because it puts the focus on you, your ceremony and the vows that you're taking -- where the focus SHOULD be. We have seen way too many ceremonies where most people are too busy taking photos or looking down at their phones and not present with you during this time. They are welcome to take photos the rest of the day but it's so much better when the photos we get are of everyone actually paying attention to you and not holding their cell phone up to take photos. :) There are lots of inspiration signs and wording for programs on Pinterest to relay your message to your guests (we've found that a sign and having the officiant make an announcement work best) and reassure them that you will share our photos with them and we've got it all covered.