WILD RAMBLES - an unedited introduction to my actual heart

The romantic side of me shouts to the person looking for a Zion Photographer, YOU: 

I remember with incredible detail the very few moments in my life that I felt raw, unfiltered, life changing emotions. I mean the ones you feel deep down to your bones; they remind you of this brutally beautiful, short moment in time we are given. They make you realize you have to live every second with intention…you know the ones? Yeah, those ones. 

I want to create one of those experiences with and for you. I want the desert to swoon the two of you together; creating intimacy in the purest way possible creating closeness.  I want you to be so wrapped up in one another that you forget I am there. You deny my presence. You are then surprised I am able to simply provide the proof for your subconscious that the moments were real. You felt the same exact thing as the other person did. You knew your soul have found its other, it’s better. You felt it so effortlessly and seamlessly that you knew you were they and they were you. One. The photos will be a tangible compliment to the inception into the vivid memory you still carry. 

The realist in me (that knows others are not as romantic as me) that doesn’t want to scare you off:

I freaking love sharing Zion National Park with people because we get to experience one of the world’s most beautiful places together. I know we will fall in love with each other and be friends forever. If you are looking to have an adventure in the park while I follow along and snap a few photos, I’M YOUR GIRL.  (What can I say, I wear my heart on my sleeve, die hard romantic through and through..) I mean I listen to Adele to hype me up when I’m learning jumps on my dirt bike, there’s no hope for me. 

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