"Is learning to be in deep relationship with others possibly the greatest adventure of them all? Is it possibly the deepest, most uncharted wilderness still available? The wilderness of knowing and being known...the adventure of beating your heart for another to see."

--Kappel James Cloninger  

Hey y’all, I'm Katie


Photography, for me, has always been about connecting with people in both familiar and new places.  I started shooting seriously when I moved to Alaska after grad school. I worked in Denali National Park and had the great opportunity to learn photography in one the world's most beautiful parks. It was also there that I learned about the importance of preserving and respecting nature.  Shooting in Alaska taught be about the wild that still exist. The wild that we came from. The wild that is still within. Hence, our name. I want nothing more than for you to feel connected to the landscape we are in, connected to one another and connected to the wild within.

I’ve never met a stranger and I already consider us friends so I want to share with you the pulse behind my photography. I dream of using my passion and skill to provide a similar, life-changing experience to young people in need of a creative outlet while simultaneously exploring the outdoors. Although, I am in the beginning stages of this program, I would love for any input, ideas and thoughts regarding  WILD WITHIN YOU(TH) .


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