"Is learning to be in deep relationship with others possibly the greatest adventure of them all? Is it possibly the deepest, most uncharted wilderness still available? The wilderness of knowing and being known...the adventure of beating your heart for another to see."

--Kappel James Cloninger  

Hello friends!

I’m Kate, Owner and lead photographer.


The Wild Within Us is about capturing THAT feeling; that wild feeling of love that motivates us, encourages us, challenges us and makes us better. That feeling that we all live for. The one thing that, if we allow it to, connects all of us.

The feeling isn’t captured because of what you wear, how your hair looks, or most importantly who you share it with. Love is Love. We believe that everyone deserves to have their love acknowledged, documented and celebrated.

We are proud to offer one of a kind experiences that deepen your connection to the landscape and to one another while creating a wide open space for your love to be wild. The way its meant to be.



Fast Friends I met at the Ice Cream, then shot their wedding a week later

Catching shade for the summer heat in the Narrows

Secret Slot Canyon experience

Mystery Couple in New Orleans

Sunset Engagement Session on the Kolob

Exploring a lesser known area of Zion

Secret Proposal on Angels Landing

Baby Announcement on Canyon Overlook

Bridal Party in Zion

Hanging out on a Mesa overlooking Zion

Canyon Overlook Pregnancy Shoot


Enjoying your photoshoot is absolutely possible.

With our free Style Guide you can eliminate the headache of wondering what will look best in photos.  This is detail but east to follow guide for how to feel your best for out shoot!