Position Description:  We are offering a unique position for a full time landscape photography guide.  Our photography tour business differs from most others due to our heavy emphasis on customized professional instruction for each client.  Interpersonal skills are essential to your success, and the growth of this business.  The core of our business is human connection.  We view our clients as friends, even before meeting them.  Our goal is to develop relationships that extend into our guests ongoing progression in their photography by having them return to us on more daily outings in the area, as well as multi-day workshops.  We are looking for candidates who desire to learn all aspects of the business and are interested in growing this opportunity into a full-time, lifelong career with us.  

Primary responsibilities:  Being on call 5 days a week to guide any of our daily tours which include:

Other tasks that will be available for hourly work will include the following (as needed):

  • Social media work

  • Branding

  • Video work

  • Emails and helping with the booking process

  • Developing new shooting locations

  • Networking with local businesses

As a rapidly evolving small business, our candidate must be flexible with their job responsibilities as we continue to grow.  

Position Qualifications:


  • Minimum of 23 years of age by April  11, 2018

  • Must have a current driver's licence

  • Applicants must be physically fit with strong hiking ability and experience

  • Self-motivated with the ability to work independently

  • Confident and precise in speech and uninhibited in group settings

  • Advanced experience with the technical aspects of photography

    • Solid understanding of the relationship between shutter speed, aperture and ISO

    • How to create optimal exposures

    • Use of filters (polarizer, neutral density, graduated neutral density)

    • Intermediate or advanced post-production skills using Lightroom and/or Photoshop

    • Bracketing and blending images using HDR and/or blending or luminosity mask processes


  • Wilderness First Responder Certification
    (REQUIRED to hold before guiding any trips.)

  • Some familiarity with canyoneering and/or climbing 

  • Experience with basic computer functions

  • Previous teaching background

  • Knowledge of Southern Utah

Compensation: wages are subject to increase upon performance review

  • Training:  $10/hr

  • Project/office hourly:  $12.50/hr

Trip per diem: 

  • Half day tours: $75 per tour (with one photographer), plus $20 per additional photographer

  • Full day tours: $130 per tour (with one photographer), plus $20 per additional photographer

  • Night  tours: $90 per tour (with one photographer), plus $20 per additional photographer

Employment date range:   Start: March 15th  End: November 30th 





We prefer in-person interviews. When in-person interviews are not possible, we work with candidates to arrange interviews over Skype (with video), or the telephone.


The interview helps candidates and Enlighten Photography employees to  know each other better. Our interview questions touch on any or all of the following areas:

  1. Open-ended questions

  2. Stories from your life experiences

  3. Teaching skills

  4. Listening skills

  5. Knowledge and understanding of our products and our business

We encourage you to ask questions to help you determine if Enlighten Photography is a good fit for you. In addition to your own questions, please consider asking about any of the following:

  1. What it is like to work at Enlighten Photography?

  2. What is life in Springdale like?

  3. The experience of working in a seasonal business.

  4. What helps make someone successful with Enlighten Photography.

Time Frame:

Submitting an application does not mean we will pursue you for an interview. What you write in your online application WILL DETERMINE whether you get an interview or not.  Our goal is to have the hiring process completed by January 15.



We take application review seriously. Like many organizations, we consider your application a direct reflection of your abilities to take initiative, comprehend and execute a complex task, and attend to detail. The best applications receive inquiries and interviews from our HR Team. Poorly submitted applications are discarded.  Please adhere to the following guidelines when preparing your Enlighten Photography application, so that we can study and understand your materials easily and determine whether a good fit with our organization is possible:

We review all applications, but the ones that really get our attention are well drafted, carefully edited, and professionally written. Please take time to review your materials before submitting them by using a word processing program and copying/pasting into our specified fields.

  • Applications must arrive prior to, but no later than January 15th.  If you cannot meet the application deadline, please contact us first to see if we will accept a late application.

  • All resumes should be accurate, free of hyperbole, and include two professional references who are aware you are applying for a position with us.

  • Our application questions aim to help us get to know you more intimately. Please help us do so by offering thoughtful, thorough, and honest answers.



Please help us know you better by answering all of the following questions. The more depth, analysis, and detail you provide, the more helpful your answers will be for our hiring team. We offer interviews to applicants who we feel offer thoughtful answers providing insight into their character and ideology. Interviewees are selected by the quality of the responses, not the quantity of words.

Please use this opportunity to show us your best work and attention to detail. Grammar, punctuation and spelling are important.

1. A boy and his dad volunteer to do yard work for an elderly neighbor. The day begins with the boy mowing the lawn and the dad picking up sticks. Weed whacking, raking leaves, and pulling weeds remain on the “to-do list.” After finishing the mowing, the boy is tired and wants to go home. The dad reminds the boy of the other tasks, and makes him stay and work, supervising him from a comfortable lawn chair. a.)What do you feel the boy has learned from this experience? b.) What might be the thought processes or viewpoints of the different characters in this story that led each one to make the choices he did?

2. There are many important moments in a person’s life experience. Please tell us a story about one moment or experience that has affected your life and how it has helped you become the person you are today. *

3. What is your personal mission? How is it revealed or demonstrated to others in your everyday life?

4. Please tell us about the best job you have ever had. Why did you love it so much? How has it influenced your work ethic and what you desire in a work atmosphere?

5. Enlighten Photography's culture is an educational environment. Every staff role requires us to help others through teaching, showing, and explaining. You might also do this in your everyday life as you give a friend driving directions, or teach a niece to tie her shoes. Please upload a video to YouTube that we can access via a link demonstrating your teaching skills to a beginning photographer, using the following guidelines: a.) The video needs to be short (approximately three minutes or less) b.) You can shoot with a smart phone, computer camera, point and shoot, or similar device and edit as you feel appropriate c.) The mood can be casual and relaxed but the topic should be a specific photography concept (examples could include but are not limited to: filters, compositional guidelines, Lightroom concepts, priority modes) d.) It can be fun and/or funny, and needs to demonstrate your teaching skills e) This can be a great way to help us get to know you and your personality.

6. A husband and wife go out on a guided photography tour with you as their guide. One has more experience than the other on the technical end of photography. As you begin to shoot you notice that the less experienced client is having trouble setting up their camera with optimal exposure. The more experienced client consistently tries to help by doing things for the other person. The less experienced client is getting frustrated. What action do you think is necessary at this time and what comments would you offer this group?

Please use this space if you have anything else you’d like us to know about you.

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